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How do you put a value to the data?

A frequently asked question.

How do you put a value to the data?

•ENERGY | HOW you use the Data – to improve – to co-create - to collaborate…DATA needs action (like Energy – needs to flow)

•LAND | WHERE you store the Data – on-prem or cloud…don’t store everything (direct impact to the environment)

•USER | WHO uses the Data – problem solving skill-mindset to leverage the data to make informed decisions…it is NOT ABOUT just getting REPORTS…it is about making DECISIONS and taking action to solve problems or make things better.

•WINE | HOW long you store the “right” Data – for DIAGNOSTICS – for PREDICTION and for PRESCRIPTION…it is about the frequency and duration of the “RIGHT” type of Data captured and stored and managed effectively.

Important in the Business Objective phase – to ask all the right questions - will help define the VALUE.

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